This is our first Expansion Pack with real girls! We spent days looking for the right models to make some gorgeous scenes with.

Real Pak #1 comes with 12 really cute girls for you to play with!


If you want to make your own real girls and you have a sliver of artistic talent you can make your own girls with Avatar Studio.

Kari Avatar Studio - CLICK HERE


Some Samples:









Note: The skins are from Skin Pack #1.


In total there are 6 girls with 2 scenes a piece:

Cassy, Jill, Lin, Tami, Emma, and Jaz.

That's 12 total scenes! Enjoy!




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Avatar Studio

Make your own Kari girls with Avatar Studio!

Our Newest Expansion Pack: Christy

The Christy Expansion Pack has been released! Expand your Kari today!


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